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Sports Massage

Manual therapy and therapeutic handling are one of the four pillars of physiotherapy practice… at CliniKind we recognise how massage, in particular, is so highly valued by the public and how beneficial hands on treatments are to so many people.


Massage benefits the mind and body as well as allowing the therapist to understand the patients problems better. That is why, unlike in many establishments, our massage is delivered by a fully qualified physiotherapist. You will have the security of knowing that any further treatment that may be needed can be delivered with continuity of care, that any injuries or issues that require further treatment will be recognised and addressed and if possible integrated into the session.


At CliniKind we offer therapeutic, deep tissue and sports massage as a method for reducing muscle spasm and muscular pain, improving range of movement, blood flow and lymphatic drainage and for sports recovery, general well-being and maintenance. 

We deliver massage in a way that is tailored to the patients needs and tolerance, always taking care to avoid unnecessary discomfort and to ensure the most effective and lasting results following treatment. 

Sessions are priced at:

Half hour £35

1 Hour £55

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